What are website essentials for small business?

Ask anyone if they think every business today needs to have a website and you will get little disagreement.  Of course, you know that all successful businesses have a website. Why?  Research has documented that 94% of people today say that they search online before the make most purchase.  With this change in the way we buy and sell goods and services in the digital age, a website is essential for all small businesses.  So, are all websites created equal? What makes one website better than another?

It is vital for small business owners to know how to determine the essentials of getting the most out of owning a website. We offer three key and should we say essential elements that make a website a productive asset for your business. The three are Design, Optimization and Management.

Design, Optimization and Management

We begin by explaining why your initial investment in the design of a website is important but must be based on a well thought out strategy that supports your business goals.   Think of your website as purchasing a new automobile.  You enter the dealer and give him your requirements. Do you need a truck, car, van? Will an economy model due or do you need a more hefty vehicle? Similarly, deciding what you want the site to do and how you intend it to support your business strategy is a vital first step.

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