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Ways to Use the Internet to Grow Business

Here’s a look at ten (10) popular online marketing options we can help you use to grow or maybe even explode your business online:

1. Local listings and classifieds.

Create your business listing on listing sites such as Citysearch to ensure that consumers searching for nearby…

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Professional Design and SEO

on August 24, 2011
in services

Social BookmarkingWebZebedee.com is a professional Website Designer, Internet and Social Media Marketing firm. Designing user-friendly websites that are attractive, interactive and search engine optimized is our specialty!

We are unique in our ability to function as…

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Website Redesign Tips

on July 13, 2011
in Blog

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have.

Considering a Website Redesign? Consider these right and wrong reasons.

The Wrong Reasons:

“We need a new corporate look and feel.”

“We’re tired of the old website.”

“It’s been over 24…

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Social Media Marketing

on July 10, 2011
in services

Social media sites are effective places to get information to your target audience. WebZebedee manages the details required to establish and maintain a successful and profitable social media presence for your small business. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn must be leveraged…

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