Website Redesign Tips

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have.

Considering a Website Redesign? Consider these right and wrong reasons.

The Wrong Reasons:

“We need a new corporate look and feel.”

“We’re tired of the old website.”

“It’s been over 24 months since the last redesign.”

“The design department has the time and wants to do it.”

“The CEO wants to do it.”

Tip: The reason you are redesigning your website is to impact your business, so, focus on the results you want. The reason to redesign your website is not because you are bored with the design or because your CEO wants it to be green not blue.   Every decision you make should be focused on improving the goal of more visitors, more leads and more customers.  With this in mind you might spend a lot less time thinking about the exact shade of sky blue and green on the graphics background, and more time worrying about things that will improve your marketing results.

The Right Reasons

“More prospects can find our products and services.”

“More leads and prospects will be converted into customers.”

“If it will drive the goals above “Branding” might be a good reason.

Tip:  Creating a consistent content building strategy is important.  When you have more content, on average you will have more website visitors and grow your business faster.  The website with 100 pages will beat a website with 10 pages 90% of the time. And a 500 page website is even that much better. It’s even better still if some of those website pages were written recently, Building your strategy to continue to add more and more content to your website over time will pay dividends.

To Do

Get a free consultation and engage the services of a professional Website Designer and SEO professional to:

  • Create more and better optimized content
  • Create more and better offers and calls to action
  • Develop blogs, press releases and updates
  • Optimize landing pages

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