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Get Started

We make getting Started simple.

We can help you think through new ways to grow your business online. Use this
worksheet to choose the most effective vehicles to promote your products and
services. By defining your goals and assessing the resources, you’ll help improve your
follow-through and increase your chances for success.


1. I want to:

0 Increase awareness of my company 0 Find new customers
0 Sell more to existing customers 0 Other

2. My customers are primarily:

0 Local In the United States
0 In my state Global

3. Most of my customers found my business by:

0 Word of mouth / referrals Print advertisements
0 In-person presentations Radio / TV advertisements
0 Search engines / online ads Direct mail
0 Phone calls News coverage / press releases
0 Yellow Pages / other directory Foot traffic / walked by
0 Billboards / other signage Other

4. My customers visit these websites regularly:

0 Search engines (List Names, URLs):
0 Social media sites (List Names, URLs):
0 Shopping sites (List Names, URLs):
0 Community sites (List Names, URLs):
0 Other (List Names, URLs):