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Inbound Marketing

Shopping has changed … has the way your company does marketing changed?


There’s no longer any doubt that most buyers today go online to research and find products and services they want “before” they buy!   iPhones, Android and windows smart phones are the tool in the hands of the many new customers you seek.   They use these as tools to research, compare and even navigate right to your door to make purchases.

To compete and get in on your share of this new business awaiting your company, the specialized Inbound Marketing services your company needs include an optimized websites as the hub of your fully optimized online presence.   Acting as the nucleus of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy your website will enable you to engage in inbound marketing and reach far more new customers than ever before.  The website is bolstered by your fully integrated Search, Social Media, Local and Directory listing presence. These are the essential elements of an optimized inbound marketing presence strategy.  With a well planned inbound marketing strategy you can reap the rewards of connecting with hundred or even thousands of new online shoppers.

Here’s how we assist you:

The hardest part of doing inbound marketing, like most things, is getting started.  WebZebedee helps you create and implement your inbound marketing game plan so that you get your share of this substantial new business.  Our services give you the effect of almost free advertising online by creating a effective online presence.


Set the Goal

Inbound marketing can do many good things for your business but it starts with a plan.  We help you choose one or two objectives for starters. For example, do you want to drive visitors to your website, generate more foot traffic to your store or restaurant, or gather emails for a newsletter?

Identify the target

You want to be clear and concise about the buyers you want to reach.  We work with you to help you answer some of these vital questions.  What do they care about most?  What are their problems? Have they purchased from you before?  Are they currently buying from a competitor? We also consider their gender, hobbies, location and other specifics that can all help you determine the best ways to reach them.  Then, we refine and deliver the messages that will work best.

Learn more about current customers

We help you optimize your website for inbound marketing so that we can analyze current customers to learn how they found it.   We’ll ask them where they go online now and why. This insight can help us put a laser focus on your efforts.

Check out competitors

Reviewing what your competition is doing can help you create your own unique approach that works for your business. however, just because a competitor is doing it doesn’t mean inbound marketing will work the same way for you – but on the other hand it might.

Develop and implement your strategy

Taking the time to think through your plan before you begin can dramatically improve your inbound marketing results.  We’ll assist you in choosing one or two tactics that work within your budget, make sense for your audience. We help assure that you can commit the time to effectively manage all the new business.  Many successful online marketers take a “test and refine” approach to get the greatest payback.

Track your results

Inbound marketing makes it easy to measure program performance;  we’ll show you how to take advantage of this market opportunity by closely monitoring the response to your internet marketing programs.  We’ll then advise you on where to increase your investment in the programs that work well.  We will revise components of the program that aren’t working as well as you would like.  We’ll help you see how your program performance improves as measured by real increases in traffic, revenue and profit.

Finally we encourage you to look at our list of ways we can help you use the internet to grow our business.  We are ready to help you implement these approaches in a well thought out and planned internet marketing business strategy.


We help potential customers find your website online with the following strategies:

OPO “Online Presence Optimization

SEO “Search Engine Optimization”

SEM “Search Engine Marketing”

Link building strategies

PPC “pay per click” campaigns

Cross Browser Compatibility Analysis

Free Online advertising

Information Architecture

Open Source Platforms

Order Tracking Systems

Dynamic Product Configuration

Video Content Integration

Video Streaming Websites

Community Portals

Electronic Magazines

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