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Search Engine Optimization

To maximize results your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program results the website content must be actively managed by a team of seasoned experts.  Driving highly profitable and targeted search engine traffic is not a singular action or a singular investment.  WebZebedee’s ongoing search engine optimization is a comprehensive yet cost effective set of services that assures your search engine marketing program is maintained at optimal levels. Search engine optimization is highly dynamic:

  • Search engine algorithms change constantly and affects sites rankings
  • New search terms emerge and existing phrases shift in popularity
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) & free listings must be re-balanced to maximize ROI
  • New link partners must be evaluated and organized
  • Existing link partners must be periodically verified

You can let WebZebedee take the worry out of your search engine marketing. Our unique monthly Search engine management services optimizes your search engine marketing to:

  • Protect your existing search engine marketing investment
  • Enhance search engine rankings
  • Improve search engine keyword targeting
  • Manage Pay Per Click costs
  • Identify new opportunities

Standard Monthly SEM Management Services

Positioning Reports
Each month we can generate reports to tell you where you are positioned for each targeted keyword in all the major search engines.

Metrics Analysis
We can analyze your search engine traffic by keyword, search engine and type to identity all opportunities for strategic adjustments. The goals are to:

  • Rank the conversion rate of each keyword to maintain focus on the best phrases.
  • Adjust the Pay Per Click vs. organic strategy around changes in Pay Per Click bidding and organic rankings.

Keyword Review
Your target keywords will be checked for shifts in popularity, bid prices, and competitiveness to identity adjustments that need to be made in your phrase targeting. Checks will also be conducted for new keyword possibilities related to your existing keyword sets.

Page Optimization Audits
Pages that are not ranking well will be re-optimized to improve organic placement.

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