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Social Media Content Optimization


Social media content optimization is all about making sure your website can be easily found by social media sites.  A great way to get people to visit your website is through using social networks.We assure the content on your website can be easily shared by your audience.  Social media optimization may mean:

  • adding sharing buttons to your content,
  • allowing more social activities on your site like polling and commenting,
  • projecting some of the content off site using RSS feeds,
  • blogging, commenting on other blogs, and
  • posting content on social media websites.

Analyze & Extend

Social Media Content Distribution

WebZebeee’s services are available to posts social media content across all of your social media accounts and networks to build community and encourage community engagement.   With content optimization, you are providing essential data that search engines will use to determine what your content — and, by extension, your business — is all about. Search engines then use this information in the search results they display for relevant keyword terms or phrases.


  • Monitor unlimited social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, TSU etc.)
  • Influencer filtering and Social Insights help profile your followers/fans
  • Assign messages to teams or segments of your target audiances
  • Geo-segmentation to target your customers


  • Message to unlimited social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.)
  • Schedule messages
  • Attach images/files
  • RSS integration from your blog to social networks
  • Draft prepared responses for high FAQs

Analyze & Extend

  • Social analytics suite
  • Team content development workflow
  • Mobile coverage through iPhone and Android

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