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Twitter Marketing

Let’s define exactly what “Tweeting” is…The Twitter post (“Tweet”) is a miniature web log (blog) that is restricted to 140 characters.  How Does it Work?  The act of Tweeting is the process of making these posts (quickly and easily).  They are petite, text-only blog entries.

So, why Twitter marketing?  The significance and value lies in the same marketing channels as regular blogs;  if you’re good at it, you’ll build a community of followers who want to read your stuff.  And these readers, by definition and by their choice to follow you, likely share your interests.   Keep in mind, then, that you control the stream.  While daily activity is needed to retain interest, a business entity does not have to post constantly throughout the day.

Customer Communication

A typical company can use Twitter as a marketing tool in many capacities without ten or twenty posts a day.  While more activity is always better on Twitter, in many cases, one post a day is enough.  Here’s some examples that will give you an idea of how we can help you put Twitter to work in your business.

Customer Service

Online businesses like the Dell and Zappos use Twitter to respond to customer questions and to announce special deals. H&R Block uses Twitter as a countdown to tax days, while Southwest Airlines uses it as a customer service vehicle. Ask yourself, does my company have an angle for Twitter?  It’s not a matter of simply coming up with witty Twitter posts each day; it’s about finding a slant for your particular industry or business that leads to word of mouth advertising and perhaps a buzz about your products or services.

Consider these additional angles and the potential impact of using this e-commerce tool in your business:

  • Adding “brand personality” to your not-so-personable sales site
  • Feedback on products or services
  • Managing online reputation (putting out fires and augmenting gold stars)
  • Announcing sales, specials, and deals
  • Building old-fashioned buzz about your company or website
  • Augmenting your traditional blog as mini-blogs driving traffic to general blogs
  • Create micro press releases
  • Cast nets for potential partners
  • Just make friends

Customer Care

No matter how you use your Twitter account, it is likely to pay dividends. The traffic on Twitter, as you’ve likely heard, is increasing dramatically, and missing out on it isn’t a good idea.  We can help you sign up for an account and give it a try.   Dedicate ten minutes a day for a month and you may be surprised to see what it garners in goodwill.  Usage of Twitter can lead to relationship and increased customer care which leads to word of mouth buzz and revenue for your business.


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