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Web Hosting

In order to make your website available and accessible on the World Wide Web, it has to be hosted on a reliable server on the internet.

web hostingWith a website built by WebZebedee.com, web hosting is part of our relationship.  We’ll host your site in house to assure it is up and running smoothly.  Depending on the type of website, you have – hobby, blog, or e-commerce site the most common types of web hosting may be cumbersome and annoying for visitors.  We help you avoid these common web hosting problems and mistakes by taking care of our clients with our “in house” web hosting services.


Web Host Services

Whether we build your website or just provide your hosting, you should expect a lot from your web-hosting plan.  This is a quick summary of some of the important features provided in our web hosting structure.

  • We match the web hosting service to your specific needs.

(It is important that you understand that the function of the website usually determines the type of web host needed.)

  • We make sure you have a web-hosting plan that has 99.9% up-time.

(The features, support, reliability, and control decide the pricing of a web hosting account.)

  • We assure that the web-hosting plan contains an easy to understand and use high quality control panel and more.

(With WebZebedee, you have the assurance that all you need to manage your new website will be right at your fingertips.)

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