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Website Design Process

Claiming your online real estate is no longer just an option for small or midsize businesses — it is becoming essential for profitability and success. Our first commitment to the success of your website design process is to understand your primary goals and objectives.  We then help you clearly define objectives for your website design process.

We collaborate with your firm and rely heavily on your business expertise and knowledge of the industry to form an effective partnership.  It is important that you to understand our approach to help you create the impact you want for your company website.  The following is an outline of the proven website design process we follow.  Click on the tabs below for a summary of each phase of the process.

I. Planning

The first phase of your website project is information gathering and research. We learn about your business, who your target audience is, your expectations of what the website will do as well as what content you want included in your website. It starts with your completion of our “Web Service Assessment” tool and we then summarize the project plan in a detailed discussion with you.  Once we complete the planning process, we will proceed with Phase II

II. Architecture & Design

The next phase is the finalization of your website architecture (site map) and the design of several unique prototypes of your Website. This includes mock-ups (mocks) of navigation, content and graphical placeholders. You may receive several different mocks from which to choose from.  The goal of this phase is for you to select the mock that is closest to what you had in mind.   From there we move into pre-development of the overall new website design arriving at a mock with the look and feel you in which you are satisfied.   In extremely rare cases, additional mocks are required and can be provided with an adjustment to the original pricing.  Logo design (if needed) and content development are also performed during this phase, if you’ve retained us for these services.

III: Development

After selecting the chosen prototype (mock), we will code the site and incorporate your content and graphics into the new design.  During this process we will create a style guide that will be used throughout the site to ensure the content is delivered in a clean and consistent manner.  We work hard to insure the site is compatible with the most popular browsers. The site will be temporarily hosted on our servers and available for you to view. Throughout the development process, you are able to see the progress and request changes you might like.

IV: Deployment

Working closely with you we get one final approval and we are ready to launch your Website.  But, not until we give your new site the “white glove” test to ensure everything is functioning as planned, every link is linked and every word is spell-checked.  After this final step and receipt of payment, we will then make the site live on your hosting space for the entire world to see!

 We don’t have  “one size fits all” pricing. 

Your project is unique, so our pricing will be as well.  Just give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your project requirements and provide a proposal that fits your needs and your budget!

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