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Website Management

Whether you are looking for professionals experienced in website management to develop your website content or just need assistance with content editing and review, WebZebedee has extensive experience-serving clients just like you.

Almost all business owners know how important it is to keep their website fresh and up to date.  However, with all the things already on your plate you don’t have the time or desire to do it all yourself.  Nonetheless, you realize that there is an ongoing need for regular website management and content maintenance.

The function of an effective website then works like this:  more potential customers (visitor) attracted to the site (by SEO) leads to the more customer conversions (sales) and greater return on your website investment and impact on the bottom line.

Website As A Marketing Tool

High quality websites are dynamic rather than static and unlike a brochure or other print media, your website should provide a constant flow of fresh information and opportunities for your customers and prospects.  Today, the content and language on your website must speak to more than one audience to accomplish the desired results.  To whom does the website copy need to speak?

The two audiences that the truly effective website must speak to are:

1. Google and the search engines:  To increase page rank so that your site is seen by more visitors.

2.  Website visitors:  To increase visitor-to-customer conversions and your bottom line.

The search engines are looking for lots of original content.  It follows that your challenge is to optimize your website content for search engines to generate more site visitors and it must also meet the needs of site visitors once they land on the website.  It is proven fact that all of the major search engines now go much deeper in their analysis of content and comparing it to your competitors.  That’s where your relationship with WebZebedee and our website management services provides content assistance that will give you a competitive edge.

Website Services

The WebZebedee team has the skills, talent and expertise to construct website content that not only brings new traffic, but also increases your website conversions by:

  1. Developing original site content  and write articles optimized for SEO purposes
  2. Creating professional press releases, blog entries and newsletters
  3. Providing proof reading services for content developed by our clients.

Website management can also include adding, removing, or editing text and graphics, modifying products in your online shopping cart, updating news events, uploading documents, and often timely fixes.  If you’re not sure about the issue or can’t explain it, let us look and we can often diagnose it within minutes.  Effective websites are more like publishing a newspaper rather than a static brochure.

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